Summers Trust



24 free holiday spaces for year 6 children

28th July - 3rd August 2018


Our Mission

We aim to provide residential activity holidays for children in Year 6 who are in social or economic need. Giving children holidays to remember, interacting in a healthy way with adults and other children in a safe, caring atmosphere.

To enrich the lives of children in need of such a holiday and enable young volunteers to contribute to their local community.

To nominate a child for the 2019 holiday please fill in a nominations form and send it to our nominations officer via email:

Each Child nominated should meet the following criteria:

  • Will be completing Year 6 in 2019

  • Is living in or attending school in the London Borough of Bromley or Croydon

  • To the best of your knowledge will not be going on another holiday (excluding school trips) in 2018

  • Is socially or economically deprived, a young carer or someone who would benefit from a Summers Trust holiday

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